Software Development Team Leader

Senior Software Developer
9 Temmuz 2019
Computer Vision Scientist with PhD
9 Temmuz 2019

Software Development Team Leader

Do you want to take your place and leave a mark on Papilon, who is passionate about the future?
Papilon develops biometric security systems, especially fingerprint, face and iris recognition, with its knowledge and experience gained over 10 years, manufactures own hardware technology. Also Papilon is a “Biometrics Technology Center with R&D and innovation efforts in Turkey.
We are seeking for Software Development Team Leader who will take a part in the new technologies that we are developing in our R&D and Innovation Center.

How should our workfellow be?
• A bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Engineering or a related discipline is required of a software development team leader, MSc and PhD is preferred.
• Minimum 10 years’ experience in developing complex, distributed software systems.
• 5+ years of project management of multiple engineering projects simultaneously in a software engineering environment
• Project Management training/certification (i.e. PMP, CSM) is preferred
• Solid, practical knowledge of Agile frameworks (Scrum or Kanban) and Agile practices (cross functional team dynamics, product and sprint backlogs, continuous integration, iterative and incremental development, scrum events, self-organizing teams)
• Maintain, refine and enforce JIRA and MS Project workflows and track tasks to support scrum/agile development
• Strong knowledge of Object Oriented Programming and Relational Database Structure.
• Be familiar with a variety of programming languages, codes and processes with C++, Java and Linux.
• Eager to learn field of biometrics and keep up to date with the latest development software technologies
• Good command of English both written and spoken.
• Excellent interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills.

What do we expect you to do?
• Manage all the activities of the software development group
• Set attainable goals to team members in order for the project to be finished on time
• Provide guidance to team members to encourage work productivity
• Make sure the timeline is followed by the software development group
• Manage multiple projects at once
• Ensure appropriate procedures and processes are followed when it comes to software development
• Represent the software department in meetings
• Participate in design control activities
• Monitor, evaluate and ensure the completion of tasks and projects
• Analyzes software requirements; implements design plans, reviews unit tests
• Document software development and monitor status of developing software
• Write, review and revise product requirements and specifications
• Participate in other areas of the software development process
• Provide technical support to other company personnel.

Do the qualifications above match with you? Do you believe that you can fulfill with job description? What do you waiting for being our new workfellow?
We look forward to applying you to our “Software Development Team Leader” position!